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Webinar: Managing Your Data Remotely with eSR

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Current events require businesses to manage their data remotely now more than ever before. Don’t let a lack of access to your customer’s job site keep your company from providing service recommendations and communicating with your customers.

Watch our eSR webinar to ensure your company is using eSR’s capabilities to manage data remotely with features such as:

  • Reviewing operator logs and controller data to make recommendations in the absence of on-site servicing

  • Connecting to controllers remotely to make adjustments

  • Configuring eSR to automatically email user-entered reports to both customers and reps

  • Keeping your customers informed of different business hours through custom messages on your site’s login page

  • Modifying your site’s default do-not-reply email message with additional information

Watch the replay.

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