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eSR gets major upgrades with latest release

Flex Reports™ Build custom user-entered reports with Flex Reports™! Each report built includes:

  • A custom name to identify the report

  • Multiple layouts each with different options for data entry

  • The ability to include data from different industries and business segments

  • Customizable alarms for each test result

Managing reports has never been easier. Manage Flex Reports™ from a single location or customize reports for each customer. Flex Reports™ are perfect for compliance reports, equipment inspections, customer audits, site surveys, laboratory analyses and more. Learn more.

Redesigned Automated Alarm Emails

New enhancements to alarm emails include:

  • All emailed alarms are now grouped in a single email (instead of 1 email per alarm)

  • Each alarm emailed now displays the test's visual color (yellow, orange, red, etc.)

  • More report details are included in the body of the email

Customizable Subject Line for Notification Contacts Email s

ubject lines for automated notification contacts can now be customized with different customer location details.

Include an Optional Signature Line

Each report written can include an optional signature line for the recipient to physically sign a completed report.

Increased Maximum Character Length for Tests Users can input more characters for alphanumeric, binary, record only, and list test types.


Customer Review Report Includes New Inventory Layout User-entered inventory details are now displayed in each user-entered report.

Enhanced Icons Improved icons and color palette.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a demo with our team.

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