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Latest eSR Updates Now Live

eSR version 3.3.5 is now available. This latest version contains quite a few updates, including some feature enhancements by popular request, so please take a moment to review the release notes below to see some of the new capabilities.

NEW Aliquot Pro

All users can now download and login to Aliquot Pro with their existing credentials for turn-key reporting from their mobile device even while offline

NEW Aliquot Pro Smart Scan

Generate QR code shortcuts for Aliquot Pro users to have quick access to create reports, view controller data, and see facility locations

User-Entered Inventory

Updated usage estimations to calculate using data from the current and most recent reports

Order Requests

Updated user interface, email layout, workflow, added customizable email subject lines, and an option to email existing requests

Notification Contacts

Updated user interface and added smart search

Report Phrases

Updated user interface, streamlined workflows, added smart search, and new text formatting options

Customer Contacts

Updated user interface, added smart search, and import/export options

Customer Review Reports

Added the ability to customize the title and subtitle

Facility Internal Notes

Added new security setting to allow Aliquot Pro users to write internal notes

Emailing Reports

Added the ability to use HTML formatting when manually emailing a report

Report Scheduler

Exported data now includes Date Indicated and Date Entered details

User Interface

Updated user interface for Attachment Manager, Global Attachments, Test Types, System Types, Coupon Types, and International Setting

System Navigation Shortcut

Now displays the last 3 systems select

Uploading Images

Users have the option of adding a caption when uploading an image

Controller Compatibility

Added Emec Centurio and ProMinent Slimflex 5 controllers

All of these features enhancements will be available to you the next time you log in. Not currently using eSR? Schedule a demo with our team.

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