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Case Study: eSR with Flex Reports and Aliquot

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

How One Water Treatment Business Solved the Efficiency Challenge with eSR from AquaPhoenix

Case Study- eSR with Flex Reports
Download PDF • 484KB


Store and track data in one central location.

For many businesses, sharing data across every device - and making informed decisions based on those insights - is a distant dream.

But it’s a real need for water treatment professionals today. By centralizing your testing and controller data, you can optimize diagnosis, treatment, and communication for your customers.

We recently spoke with a Senior Account Manager who has been in the water treatment industry for 35 years to learn how eSR supports his team.


This particular water treatment company started their search more than 10 years ago. They needed a platform that did more than just show the “pinks and blues”. The solution had to be robust enough to connect with controller data and graph trends in order to be competitive in the marketplace.


Instead of using laptops with spotty Internet service or writing test results by hand on a piece of paper, which later required duplicate data entry, reps started using Aliquot, the mobile companion app for eSR. This allowed them to write reports using the app on location. Aliquot allows for off-line data entry when Internet connectivity is not available and then syncs the finished report to eSR once an Internet connection is available. By using Aliquot and eSR together they were able to save time and streamline their process by eliminating the hassle of duplicate data entry. Now, more than 90% of their reps use Aliquot in the field to sync with eSR.

eSR provides the necessary tools to bring value to your customer and provide a higher level of technical service. Before, it would have taken days or weeks to share results with the technical team in the main office. By providing data faster, it speeds up the review process for the entire team and recommendations get back to the customer more quickly. This data and information transfer now happens in real time allowing reps to contact the main office and start a correction while on-site.

eSR’s cloud-based platform allows users to easily input and review data from many Internet-enabled devices so your company can quickly review the customer’s test results and make consulting recommendations even without setting foot on the job site.

"It isn’t just eSR or Aliquot or the equipment that makes it worth the money. It’s the combination backed up by the people. We’re not a big company in some ways and having the depth of experience at AquaPhoenix to call on in so many areas makes us better." -R.W., Senior Account Manager

Download the Case Study:

Case Study- eSR with Flex Reports
Download PDF • 484KB

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