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Case Study: Remote Management

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Managing Customer Sites Remotely with eSR from AquaPhoenix

eSR Case Study-manage customer sites remotely QR
Download PDF • 1.87MB


Establish clear and consistent communications when sharing data and making recommendations to end customers.


As a business owner with 27 years of industry experience, this water consulting group teamed up with AquaPhoenix to incorporate technology into their services. At the time, their biggest concern involved the lack of remote monitoring of customer sites.


The owner now has the ability to access customer reports daily. “Being able to see what is happening in the systems allows me to anticipate problems as well as write recommended corrective actions.”

Quality reporting tools in the software allow for trending of data and professional quality reporting that is highly recommended for a competitive advantage. It saves time with data management and provides sales tools to grow my business.


By using AquaPhoenix’s data management software applications, the customer was able to improve both the content and efficiency of their routine data entry tasks to deliver a high quality report to their end customer. The technologies used by eSR and Aliquot help to create differentiators for our customers that can lead to new sales opportunities and competitive advantages.


  • Flexible Reporting Options

  • Graphing and Trending

  • Automated Email Alarms

  • Compartmentalized Data

  • Device Data Compatibility

  • Color-Coded Test Results

  • Report Scheduling

"AquaPhoenix's customer service is amazing and has helped me not only with timely support topics but also to contribute ideas that improve the product." -W.T., Owner

Download the Case Study:

eSR Case Study-manage customer sites remotely QR
Download PDF • 1.87MB

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