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Case Study: Custom Technology Solutions

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Custom Technology Solutions for Water Treaters with eSR from AquaPhoenix

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Download PDF • 1.85MB


Support Engineers with the tools and technologies that best suits their needs.


It has been a challenge trying to determine which technology is best for our customer’s job sites or rep’s personal preferences. By using eSR and Aliquot, our customers have multiple methods when inputting and analyzing data to ensure that reports are consistent, centrally-located, and of high quality.

Certain customer’s job sites do not have the physical space to setup a laptop or Internet connectivity. When this occurs, our reps can use the Aliquot app for turnkey offline data entry.


Using eSR and Aliquot for data management has helped us deliver high quality consulting services to our customers and further entrenched us within the account. Reps enjoy that both applications help to save time with data entry tasks.


The staff enjoy a much greater technology experience by migrating to the Aliquot app. They now have the flexibility to enter data from anywhere regardless of connectivity. The end report delivered is in a consistent format regardless of if the report originated from Aliquot or eSR.

They are grateful for the ongoing improvements to their technology that supports the mission of their organization.


  • Flexible Reporting Options

  • Graphing and Trending

  • Automated Email Alarms

  • Compartmentalized Data

  • Device Data Compatibility

  • Color-Coded Test Results

  • Report Scheduling

"eSR has been one of the best tools our company has to differentiate the services we offer to our customer base." -M.W., Certified Water Treater, 40 years of experience

Download the Case Study:

eSR Case Study-custom technology solution QR
Download PDF • 1.85MB

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