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Case Study: Aliquot App

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry with Aliquot and eSR from AquaPhoenix

eSR Case Study-mobile companion app QR
Download PDF • 1.87MB


Eliminate duplicate data entry and save time while on location at a customer site.


We recently caught up with a Technical Director, who was an initial Aliquot beta tester in 2017, to get their opinions on Aliquot and eSR and how it has improved their daily tasks.

The purpose of the beta testers was to take this technology in the field for real world testing and identify areas for improvement. This user insight has continued to drive upgrades and new feature development in the years since. One of the major challenges was lack of cell service onsite and lost time entering data logs.


Aliquot requires no additional hardware as it is easily accessed on your mobile device. Aliquot allows for offline data entry with no internet connection. Focus has been redirected back to the customer. Rather than duplicate data entry or locating cell service, technicians can better dedicate their time to solving customer problems.

Reporting has also been enhanced with the ability to attach photos.


By using Aliquot and it’s offline data capture capabilities, technicians were able to spend more time on service to the customer. Once an Internet connection is regained, the data collected automatically syncs to our eSR account so we retain account history.


  • Turn-Key Data Entry

  • Report Scheduling

  • Offline Data Management

  • Location-Based Features

  • Sales Prospecting

  • Improved Time Efficiencies

  • Push Notifications

"Just do it. I promise you will be thanking me later!" -A.C., Technical Director

Download the Case Study:

eSR Case Study-mobile companion app QR
Download PDF • 1.87MB

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