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Aliquot Pro Launch

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Aliquot Pro, the mobile companion app for eSR with Flex Reports, has launched! Modernize the way you and your customers manage data with our cloud-based data management software. When used together, these tools allow you to create a centralized location for data entry, data storage and analysis.

New Aliquot Pro Features Include:

View Last 3 Results

See recent test history when writing reports (online mode)

Turnkey Report Entry

Automatically sync data directly to your eSR site

Voice-to-Text Comments

Quickly dictate report comments using voice to text

Controller Connectivity

View recent data history and connect to your compatible controller

SmartScan Compatibility

Scan custom QR codes to instantly navigate within the app (coming soon)

Report Image Attachments

Include images and captions from your device with the touch of a button

Map-based Visualization

View map pins for each customer location and receive navigation instructions

Download Aliquot Pro

eSR account required to use Aliquot Pro. Contact us to learn more.

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