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Water Treatment

Capture data from routine wet testing, water and deposit analyses, coupon reports and more all in a centralized location. Compatible controllers can be configured to push data to your eSR site for analysis and long-term storage.


Cleaning & Sanitation

Build a legal written record if your safety and inspection reports with eSR. User-entered reports are designed for accountability and ensuring documentation is available at a moment's notice when needed.

Image by Patrick Hendry

Oil & Gas

Maintain detailed written records for your petrochemical customer base with eSR. Retain additional field data by allowing compatible controllers to automatically send data history to eSR for analysis and long-term storage.


Food & Beverage

Customize your unique test types and parameters to build the perfect food sanitation report for your customers using eSR’s flexible data entry options.


Metal Working Fluids

Input detailed reports noting the condition of your customer’s equipment as well as test results commonly documented within the metalworking industry.

Industrial Building

General Industrial

Document work performed across a variety of industries with eSR. From new construction startups to equipment inspections, users can not only input specific test results but also include attachments and write up detailed inspection reports.


Waste Water

Maximize the potential of your water quality monitoring by storing test results in eSR to maintain an online, 24/7 accessible record of water conditions and other associated documentation. Add further value to your reporting by including images, graphs and other documentation with your reports.

Image by Frédéric Paulussen


Set your company apart from the highly competitive power market with eSR’s capabilities for customized reporting and data analysis. Color-coded test results for out-of-spec conditions provide additional graphing statistics and helps to establish increasing degrees of importance when writing reports.

Let us show you how eSR can grow your business with a no obligation demo.

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