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Flex Reports™ are customized user-entered reports that include a unique name, layout, and data entry options. Create new reports using different layout options to create equipment surveys, site audits, inspection checklists and other compliance documentation. All Flex Reports™ are managed from a single location and can be assigned turn-key to any customer.

Easy to Use

Building a Flex Report™ is easy: users simply input a custom name and select a layout for their new report based on the type of data they want to document. Test parameters and other form fields are then added to the report. Once completed, the custom-named report is available to use with any customer.

More Than Data Entry

Flex Reports™ includes features to improve the value of the data in the reports. Custom report scheduling options helps ensure reports are completed on a timely basis while both email notifications and alarms automate the communication process.

Maximum Flexibility

Flex Reports™ are easy to use and time efficient. Users can create turn-key reports to apply to all customers as well as make unique changes to the report only for specific customers.

Choose Multiple Layouts

Use different layouts for each Flex Report™ depending on the type of data to be documented. Each layout has different test and notation options represented in a grid, question-and-answer style, or blank canvas.

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Build your own custom report!

  • Equipment Inspections

  • Site Audits

  • Inspection Checklists

  • Compliance Reports

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Download a  FREE Sample Report

Download a three page sample report to see the enhanced reporting features available with eSR.

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